How to treat varicose veins with folk remedies

green tomato gruel for the treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins or varicose veins are a disease that mainly affects the legs and rectum. The result of the appearance of dilated veins in patients is a weak supporting connective tissue, a lack of venous valves and a difficulty in the outflow of blood. The disease occurs mainly due to hard physical work, prolonged standing and obesity. In practice, cases have been recorded when the disease was transmitted genetically, but, as a rule, it is an acquired disease.

In addition, varicose veins develop in people with frequent constipation, pregnant women and people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In this review, we will consider the treatment of varicose veins with alternative methods and find out which remedies work best.

The first signs (symptoms) of varicose veins

  • The veins on the legs are dark blue, sinuous in shape.
  • Discoloration of the skin around the feet, ankles and lower legs.
  • Feeling aching pain in the lower extremities.
  • Cramps in the muscles of the legs.
  • Consolidation and thickening of veins.
  • Ulcerative formations on the epidermis of the lower extremities.

These are just the main symptoms of the disease. Patients with varicose veins also have swelling and heaviness in the legs.

What is the danger of varicose veins?

The disease, which affects more than 45% of the country's population, can cause the following complications:

  • Eczema;
  • Ulceration of the epidermis;
  • Profuse bleeding during severe trauma to the lower extremities;
  • Inflammation of a specific area of the veins with further formation of a blood clot (thrombophlebitis).

If you do not start the fight against this seemingly "harmless" disease in time, then it can become a threat to the patient's life. Varicose veins in neglect contributes to the development of pulmonary thromboembolism, a disease that can lead to sudden death.

Important!When the first symptoms are found, it is necessary for the crane to promptly contact a specialist (phlebologist) for help. If it is not possible to immediately consult a doctor, then start treating varicose veins with folk remedies, the current methods are indicated below.

Prevention of varicose veins

Preventive actions, like the disease itself, were still known in ancient Greece. True, the methods of treatment then differed significantly from today's methods: the patient was cauterized by the inflamed veins, and the lower limbs were tightly bandaged with gauze.

If you have not found the first signs of varicose veins on your body, this does not mean at all that the disease will pass you by. A sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, smoking, tight clothing - all this can cause varicose veins. In order not to risk it, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the preventive measures that can prevent the disease:

  • Give up tight clothes and shoes, hide heels and stilettos higher than 4 cm far in the closet. After a hard day at work, take cool foot baths and massage.
  • No tight belts, tights, elastic bands and other tightness in clothes.
  • When resting in the country or near a pond, try to walk more barefoot.
  • Eat less salty, spicy, fried and smoked foods, give up alcohol.
  • Do not abuse frequent trips to the sauna and a long stay in the hot tub. After these procedures, rinse your feet with cold water.
  • Play sports and walk more outdoors.

Treatment of varicose veins with alternative methods

Everyone knows that drugs sold in pharmacies are not always of high quality and have contraindications. As for folk methods, they are much safer and have a real effect on the disease. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular and effective means of dealing with varicose veins.

Healing hops

Treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies involves the use of a plant familiar to us - hops. It has long been considered a wonderful medicinal plant and is used to treat many ailments, but it is most effective for treating varicose veins.

To prepare a healing infusion, you will need two tablespoons of dried and chopped hop cones. We put them in a bowl, pour 500 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 30-40 minutes. The resulting tincture is taken orally (inside) 30 before meals, 100 ml three times a day. You can also moisten a bandage in the broth and apply it to your legs at night. So the first signs of improvement will appear after 10-12 days.

What not to do: dry hop cones are contraindicated for pregnant women and patients with gynecological diseases (uterine cyst, cervical polyps, endometriosis, etc. ).

We treat varicose veins with nettles

nettle for the treatment of varicose veins

As a rule, treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies takes a long time, and nettle is no exception. But this method is absolutely safe, has no contraindications and is effective.

What you need to do: you need to make a tincture of three tablespoons of dried nettle filled with 250 ml of boiling water. We insist 1-2 hours, filter and drink 70-80 ml three times a day one hour before meals. After a month, you should take a break for 14 days, then repeat the course again. You can add a pinch of mint or cinnamon to give the tincture a more pleasant taste.

It is worth noting that during treatment with nettle tincture, you must adhere to a diet: exclude fried and fatty foods. It is advisable to use only boiled meat, vegetables and fruits.

Nutmegs for varicose veins

To make the treatment of varicose veins by folk methods more effective, many advise to grind 4-5 nutmegs in a coffee grinder. Pour a teaspoon of the resulting powder with clean boiled water. Then add two teaspoons of honey, a pinch of cinnamon and mix thoroughly. We send the resulting mass for 2-3 hours in a dark, dry place to infuse.

You need to take a tincture with nutmeg one hour before meals, in the morning and in the evening, 200 ml. With varicose veins, it is useful to eat pine nuts (50 g per day).

Important! It is worth noting that nutmeg is quite poisonous. Consuming 100-150 grams at a time can end up extremely bad. Vomiting, headache, spasms, convulsions, and in some cases, death. Recommended dosage: 4 g or a teaspoon per day.

Kalanchoe - an effective remedy for varicose veins

A wonderful houseplant that everyone praises is the pinnate Kalanchoe. To start treatment of varicose veins, we need:

  • 300 g or 0. 5 l of Kalanchoe leaves.
  • We wash them thoroughly with cold water and put them in a 1 liter jar.
  • We take 75% alcohol and fill the leaves to the top of the jar.
  • Close the lid tightly and set in a dark place to infuse for two weeks. Shake the jar well once a day.

The method of application is simple: every evening, before going to bed, we smear the inflamed legs and feet with the resulting tincture. After the first time of application, the result will appear: pain and swelling will disappear. The course of treatment with Kalanchoe tincture is 3-4 months.

Tincture on birch buds

birch buds for the treatment of varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins by folk methods involves the use of only environmentally friendly components, and birch buds are such. It is best to harvest birch buds during their swelling, before the green leaves appear. Dried birch buds can be used for several years. Recipe:

  • We take a 0. 5 liter can.
  • We fill it 1/3 with the kidneys.
  • We fill the can (you can bottle) with vodka or alcohol to the top.
  • We insist for a week, shaking the jar daily.

With severe pain in the lower extremities, we begin to lubricate the veins with tincture. At this point, it is important to rest your legs for 30 minutes. After 20 minutes, lubricate the veins again.

When the veins are swollen or abscesses are formed, we lubricate the sore spots with tincture and not tightly bandage with a bandage (gauze). You came home from work and you feel very tired in your legs, then be sure to get the tincture on birch buds and the itching will go away instantly.

In addition to inflamed varicose veins, the tincture can be used to lubricate scratches and other small wounds without worrying that they will fester.

Treatment of varicose veins using spider webs

The method of treating varicose veins is taken from Chinese traditional medicine, so few people know about it and seems so exotic. Despite the curiosity of the method, the recipe is quite effective and simple. It is very important for a man to start treatment on Monday, and for a woman on Saturday.

The very process of treating varicose veins begins on the waning moon. You need to go outside, at sunset (when the sun sinks over the horizon), look to the west and say quietly: "As the day ends, so will my ailments end. "After that, you can't eat anything for three days, only clean water in any quantity.

The method is absolutely safe and no one has died from it yet. This is a very effective body cleanse. After a short diet, you need to roll a ball of ordinary cobwebs, swallow it and drink it with clean water.

On the first day of treatment for varicose veins, you need to eat 6-7 balls throughout the day, on the second - 5 balls. The temperature may rise slightly, but this is a normal reaction so don't worry. It will subside literally immediately, and with it many troubles in your body will go away.

You can prepare a cobweb in the summer by collecting it in the forest or planting. It is especially abundant in autumn, from September to November. Spider web balls treat many vascular diseases and cleanse the body. The secret lies in the peculiarity of the substance that is in the web. The balls perfectly relieve patients of sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomoniasis, chlamydia, etc.


I would like to finish the review devoted to the treatment of varicose veins using folk methods with some advice: if even an insignificant symptom of varicose veins was revealed, see a phlebologist right away. More serious measures, such as surgery, may be required for treatment. In any case, watch your health, take preventive actions and be healthy! Perhaps more serious measures are required for treatment, for example, surgery, etc. In any case, watch your health, take preventive actions and be healthy!